Just Built a new pc, no video

Just Built a new PC for the first time however no matter what i seem to do, there is never a display with any monitor i use. I have an
-Asus AMD 880G ATX Mother board
- NVidia gtx 560 graphics card
- AMD Phenom 2 4x3.4GHZ CPU
- 500w corsair power supply
I have tried all output source available and even removed the graphics card and used intergrated ports, still no signal to monitor.
An help would be great
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  1. When you tried with the motherboard port, did you have the GTX 560 in the slot?

    If so, try it again with the GTX 560 not in the slot and tell me if anything is different.
  2. Yeah i have removed the entire card from the slot and nothing happened. I'm starting to think it's the motherboard... :(
  3. What exact model is the motherboard?

    Also, just to make sure we are on the same page..

    When you took out the GTX 560 and you hit the power button what exactly happened in perfect detail?
  4. My Motherboard is an ASUS M4A88T-M.
    When the GTX 560 was NOT IN the slot, the excact same thing happens when it IS IN the slot.
    1st. All the fans start and there is one beep. Sound as if it was going to work but because i am getting no display, i can't access the bios to install windows.

    2nd a red light on the motherboard flashes continuously. I think that light is called the Dram -LED.

    3rd No Signal is displayed on the monitor

    4th the pc continues to be powered but i'm not sure if it's working correctly as i can't see anything on the screen!
  5. You said you just built a new PC, does that mean you had an old PC?

    If so, could you try the video card from it in the new PC and see if anything different happens?

    Also, try taking the battery out for 30 minutes and putting it back in and see if that changes anything. It is the regular watch battery that should be pretty much dead center on the board. You just have to use a flat screwdriver or something and push on a metal plate on the side and it will eject itself.

    Make sure the power cable isn't between the wall and the PC when you do that (or any other working on the internals) and make sure you touch the metal part of the case before you do anything every time.
  6. Ok i shall try that, thanks
    But i can't use my old PC parts as the video card is intergrated and i can't removed it from the motherboard :/
  7. Can you borrow a video card from somewhere? A relative? Perhaps your work if you have a dedicated IT staff there?

    A lot of IT staffs at work will let people take stuff home overnight as long as they sign a document saying they are taking possession of it.
  8. Yeah i might try that aswell. But the thing is, even without a video card, the monitor doesn;t recieve any signal! so it may not be the video card's fault...
  9. Removing the CMOS battery hasn't changed anything, still doesn't work!
  10. There are a lot of things that can be the problem in any given situation.

    Most often in my experience no signal to the monitor has meant DOA video card.

    It could be anything, but I generally try to investigate first what is the most likely cause.

    Anyway, try to see if anyone anywhere will let you borrow a video card for at least a couple hours and let me know the result.
  11. Check your memory modules to see if they are in the motherboard compatibility list from ASUS, with that blinking red light for the dram it sounds like a memory problem.
  12. Yeah, its a memory problem forsure. Had the same issue, i solved by placing one stick in, and then i updated the bios. After that everything was fine. Check your Manuel on how to use the EZ Flash utility with your asus MB. Its extremely easy.
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