New Build; video cuts out just after boot

Hi guys,

I've just come back from Akihabara on a buying spree, new Fractal R3 case, ASRock 880GMH/U3S3 MB, 975 BE CPU, etc.

I'm hyped to get this build up and running but I've run into a strange problem. Whenver I power on, I get what looks like a POST (the SATA controller says it can't detect any devices) and, sometimes it even gets to the funky mouse-driven ASRock BIOS. However, after 15-30sec, without fail, the video cuts out.

I thought maybe this was a problem around my Hyper 212 Plus not really touching the CPU, but I've reset the cooler more times than I can count.

I've thought it might be an MB short, but I don't think the system should be able to POST in those circumstances?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Your problem does sound a bit strange but follow these steps first:
  2. I've done everything in the guide short of getting a PC speaker (which I'll pick up today but given that it POSTs I'm doubtful of its help), and breadboarding, which I'll do next.
  3. If you are using the onboard graphics I would guess it's just a bad board... probably a soldered connection heats up and you lose contact.
  4. I am starting to suspect my display, which is a little unconventional; it's a Sharp LCD TV that has HDMI and RGB inputs (both have the same problem). I'm wondering if maybe i need to get the OS installed through a regular monitor first or not.
  5. I have seen a bad connection do that, but the monitor itself should be fine. What resolution and frequencies does it accept?
  6. I'm not sure, but I think it only takes 720p or TV signals and that whatever the resolution of the BIOS or boot screen doesn't agree with it.
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