What's wrong with my computer?

Hey folks,

I recently moved and had to relocated my desktop. I basically took it apart, wrapped all the components (other than the case) in bubble wrap and rebuilt it @ my destination after buying a new case. I either did something wrong / I have a hardware problem because I get no display!
CPU = Q6600 (with a decent cooling device)
Motherboard = Gigabyte P35-DS3L rev 2.0
RAM = 2*2GB G-Skill sticks
Power Supply = I don't remember which one it is but its a very decent 550W pure $100 power supply
Video card = Sapphire HD 4870 1GB Toxic Vapor-X
Some hard drives too

I hooked everything up together (all the wires are plugged in properly and correctly, including the PCI-E dedicated power supply, the motherboard inputs and so forth).
When you turn on the computer, all the fans start turning for about 5 seconds but then the computer shuts off on its own. If you then start it again, it doesn't shut down. I hear no POST sound but to be honest I'm not sure I ever had one.
The computer stays on, all the lights and fans seem fine, but there is no display. I bought a new PCI-E video card (HD 5670 I think) just to test it out, and same result.
When I unpacked my motherboard I noticed that some of the pins that the CPU rests on are a little bent. I tried to bend them back into position but not sure how successful I was. This makes me suspect that there's a motherboard problem, but when the computer is on, you can turn the NUM LOCK on and off and the light on the keyboard works accordingly. Does this mean that everything is okay with the CPU or is it not related because the keyboard has its on controller?
What would be my next step at figuring this one out? Getting another motherboard?

Thanks folks!
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  1. Check the RAM modules by installing each of the two individually. I've had this kind of issue several times. Cleaning the connector's surface (the part in contact with the motherboard slot) usually solves the issue.

    Good luck!
  2. thanks for the reply! I just tried that, no luck :(
  3. By bent pins, did you detach the CPU from the motherboard when you uninstall the system from your old case?
  4. i did, yes. NO IDEA why though. seriously retarded of me.
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