Dumb Question: Does my Motherboard's Utility DVD Come With Windows 7?

I wouldn't think it does because I have the GA-H77M-D3H.

See: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxSpZ589Nq48bjBWSWxPZ1RMYzg It says Windows XP/7, but I think that's just telling you what its compatible with. But then again why wouldn't it show Vista?

Also how long is the Norton Internet Security for?

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  1. your correct, generic drivers for most mobo are in windows but not the specific drivers and vendor drivers are going to work best for the mobo. It doesn't say vista because to say win 7 implies vista, but then again vista had many many problems.

    Norton IS is general a one year subscription but can be up to 3 now I believe you would want to check you product key with Symantec Norton.
  2. Wait so I'm right about it just just telling you that its compatible? The disc doesn't come with Windows 7? :(
  3. if you want windows 7 operating system the only way to get it is purchase it,as far as i know no motherboards come with operating systems
  4. Nope, I also got confused the 1st time I bought a Gigabyte MB.
  5. onemust purchase a copy of either a retail license(multiple use) or an OEM copy(single use) to use windows. if one does not have windows, then they should use linux for the time being
  6. It is compatible with Windows 7. Windows 7 will have generic drivers for most Mobo but will not run them to peck. So if you do not have the Driver disk for the Mobo don't fret you can install windows and then download the drivers from that manufactures site
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