Evga vs gigabyte vs asus

I'm looking at picking up a EVGA Z68 SLI Micro Motherboard (120-SB-E682-KR) ($120) for my new rig, plus na evga GTX 480 ($200), that way I have the option for SLI down the road.

The board is advertised as supporting SLI, but can't any motherboard support SLI with a bridge? I was reading on an Nvidia site that mobos that have the SLI stamp have been optimized for SLI, but I have reason to believe its all marketing jargon and hype.

Does anyone know if Evga mobos are anygood? has anyone had any issues with them? I have heard Asus and Gigabyte make good mobos.
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  1. you're probly going to get a round going on this one so I make it as simple as possible and before everyone else can through their two sense in.

    EVGA: Is a good board
    ASUS: Is a good board
    Gigabyte: Is a good board

    Not all mobo can do SLI and not all mobo are good for SLI
    Read the specification on the Mobo make sure your PCI-E 2 or 3 is able to do at least 8x8 otherwise it won't work.
  2. Why don't you buy mobos featuring Intel's New Z77 chipset.

    I think that most of them are cheaper than Z68 boards(as some people say; I haven't checked so far; although I have an ASUS Maximus5Gene).
    If you're into overclocking and that sort then maybe you should go for the Sabertooth Z77 ASUS, but beware of the bare looks....

    Good luck choosing a new board!
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