Troubleshooting Manual Fan Speed Control in BIOS

Hi folks,

Wondering if anyone can lend some help with a fan speed issue I am having:

I am operating a homebuild with a P7P55D-E motherboard and an i5-760 chip. The other day, I installed a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ cooler to replace the stock heatsink that came with the chip. When the system boots up, the fan speed defaults to 100%, which is unnecessarily fast and loud at non-overclocked settings.

In attempt slow the fan down, I went into BIOS --> Power --> Hardware Monitor, and set CPU Q-Control to "Enabled" and the CPU Q-Fan Control to manual, with an upper temp of 70C to trigger a 60% fan speed, and a lower limit of 40c with 20% fan speed. However, when I save changes and leave BIOS, the fan speed shoots back up to 100% and won't come back down unless I use a program like Speedfan, which allows me to manually bring the speed back.

Any idea on how to get these changes to stick?

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  1. I'm surprised the fan didn't come with software. If not, try looking on the internet. It's way easier to run a small program with presets for varying fan speeds. My only example is using AI Suite, which came with my motherboard. Worked great. Try something like that.
  2. I'd like to avoid installing extra software on the computer if possible to make the change through BIOS. So, if anyone has any BIOS-based ideas on how to get the fan speeds to stick, would be much appreciated.
  3. So, for some reason when I set the upper limit in BIOS for 70c to 50% fan speed instead of 60%, the change stuck. No idea why, but it worked.
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