New Build need better motherboard?

From that, i was told the motherboard could be better. As this is my first ever time building a PC i'm not sure what to go for, as all i know so far is the parts there are all compatible. Is there a motherboard that is also compatible with my other parts, but also is good quality? I also need a good sound output as i am going to get this headset as well, Thanks!:
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  5. Usually the boards from Intel are regarded as low in features vs any other manufacturer as they basically just provide reference boards to be used.

    Pretty sure other boards will also cost you a bit more, but overall you will get quite a bit bang for your buck as well.
    The H67 chipset won't allow you to overclock and in general you will be limited by it quite a bit. So definately go with a P67 or Z68 chipset. Asrock for example has a splendid feature rich P67 board which you could go with: Asrock P67 Extreme4 at about 110 £. I believe it's also one of the first boards to feature an internal USB3.0 header so that might come in handy. Similar boards can be found from Asus for example, but Asrock does have nice bang for £.

    This will give you plenty of more features for your motherboard. Now since you are then spending quite a bit for the i5 2500, you should probably also spend the extra 10 £ to get the K model and you can take full advantage of your P67 chipset and overclock it to 4GHz+ as you seem to have an after market cooler as well for your cpu. So for the extra 50-60£ or so you get a feature rich mb and an overclockable CPU that lets you take full advantage of your system.
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