Recommended CPU + motherboard?

Hey guys,

It looks like i messed up my Gigabyte P35 DS3L. The question is, should I get a new motherboard, or get a different socket motherboard + a new CPU?

I currently have a Q6600, HD 4870 1GB Toxic and 2*2GB DDRII. I mostly do office work and watch movies though I do game a bit and enjoy it.

I would like to spend under $200 for a new motherboard + CPU (if I decide to not stick with my Q6600 by just getting a new motherboard for less than that). Is it worth upgrading for that amount of money or does a Q6600 + P35 DS3L beat a $200 setup? In other words, if I get a new motherboard + CPU for $200, will I get better performance compared to just getting a new motherboard and sticking with my Q6600?
If you think I should stick with the Q6600, which motherboard should I buy?

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  1. What's wrong with your mobo?
  2. the CPU pins got bent and I am not getting any display...
  3. Try this:
    You can also use a .5mm mechanical pencil, it fits the pin.
  4. thanks, i tried all that but no success, which is why im resorting to buying new components..
  5. I say try again, the new 775 mobos use DDR3 RAM.
  6. i did, i tried like 5 times. i'm not even sure its the motherboard anymore - the pins look pretty straight. something else might have gotten damaged in the move and i really dont know where to start the debugging without getting another mobo. what does it mean that the new ones have ddr3? how does that affect me?
  7. any idea guys?
  8. thanks mosox! how will the performance compare if i do a mobo + CPU upgrade as opposed to a RAM + mobo upgrade?

    But if you change the CPU the best for future proof purpose would be to sell both the CPU and the DDR2 RAM and get a a mobo with the newest socket though and the DDR3 RAM:

  10. okay i've confirmed that the problem is with the motherboard. i bought a new one just to test it out and everything boots up properly.
    the question is, what do i do, and what will give me the best results for the money?
    option a - $55 sticking with the mobo i bought (GIGABYTE G41M-ES2L which I think is a downgrade from my P35 DS3L right?) and keeping my current config
    option b - $160 getting the ASRock P43DE3 mobo and DDR3 ram and sticking with the Q6600
    option c - $100 (assuming i can sell my Q6600 for a $100) getting the MSI 785GT-E63 mobo, AMD Phenom II X4 955 CPU and sticking with my DDR 2 RAM
    option d - $140 getting an ASUS M5A87 mobo, AMD Phenom II X4 955 CPU and DDR3 RAM and selling my CPU and RAM.

    I am leaning toward either a) or d), but any suggestions are welcome (including other hardware that I should look at) - thanks so much!
  11. Since you got that board keep it, you can buy an aftermarket cooler, overclock the CPU to 3GHz and you're set for some time, you can upgrade later.
  12. i see.. so do you not think its worth it to put down $140 for a new board, Phenom II X4 955 and DDR3? I feel like this board is kinda weak as it only goes to 800MHz with the memory.. thoughts?
  13. No, not right now, new CPUs are around the corner. 800 DDR2 is fine, it's like 1333 DDR3.
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