New videocard, followed by Bsods

So today my GTX 460 768MB arrived, installed it in my already opperating AM3 880g Phenom ii x2 550 build. this build has been up and running for about 2 weeks, the system has been 100% stable, OCed it to 3.5 then did a burn in for 4 hours w/o any errors. I install my gtx 460 and first time it boots, i go download the nvidia drivers, and since then the rig bsods in middle of loading XP. it boots fine if i force SAFE MODE. granted im not sure of how to resolve the issue in this case,. the bsod kicks off too fast to read the code. any ideas how i can further diagnose the issue, tried pulling the GTXbut still got bsods.

my build is as follows





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  1. Did a system restore, got things running w/o the GTX. anyone know of some instructions on how to do this from step one? will be done first on XP Pro 64 and later on WIN 7 prem
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