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Where would the 2 additional fans on a push/pull H100 Corsair Cooler be connected?
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  1. There are , depending on the mother board, a couple of places to plug in fans on the mother board. If not you can always get a double connector and exstention to connect to the nearest power plug. Or you can get a fan controller and have the fans set to a certian temp.
  2. You can get this Y-splitter and connect it to your mb
  3. Yes, I have the Y cables... Since two of the fans connect to CPU fan on MB would the Corsair fan controller on the cooler recognize the 2 additional fans and lower and raise the fans in unison? So would all 4 fans connect to the CPU fan connection?
  4. Oops...all four fans connect to the cooler!
  5. Ahh yeah there is a fan controller built into the pump :)
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