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I built a computer for my parents last year. Two months ago, they had a power surge and the computer was sadly a casualty. I don't live in the same city as them so instead of trying to fix it, they elected to buy an HP. So sad. Anyway, they say I can have the broken computer that I built, so their loss is my gain!

They had someone take a look at it before they gave up and the guy said that the only thing wrong with it was the motherboard. I went on newegg to buy the same model I had before (Here it is) but it is no longer for sale. I thought it would be easy enough to swap out the motherboard for one of the same model but now that it doesn't seem to be an option, I am unsure of how installing a different motherboard would go. I don't mind losing the files, they already recovered everything off the computer and have put on their new HP. I just want to know if I can simply swap the motherboards and it will boot up. Will I have to reinstall?

I will be taking possession of the broken computer over Memorial Day weekend so I do not currently have the computer in front of me.

Thanks for you suggestions.
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  1. yes the computer will start up if you put a new mother board in it and to install it what do u mean like put it into the computer or installing the mother boards drivers...
  2. You'd have to install from scratch even if you get the exact same mobo because the serial ID of the mobo that the OS is registering would be different.
  3. first off have mom or dad give you the ser# of the mb. Motherboards carry a three year other then the itx ones those are 15 months. as long as it the cpu slots not melted or has bent pins. it a dead board or may be. if it good they will send it back to you. it may be the mb or it could be the ps. if you stick with the same vendor but the z68 and a mb with the same should not have to reformat windows but just re-register it with ms as a mb failure/replacement. if you switch brands you may have to reformat the drive. but it always a good thing to do on a rebuild.
  4. kivblue said:
    You'd have to install from scratch even if you get the exact same mobo because the serial ID of the mobo that the OS is registering would be different.

    wtf are you talking about you do not have to re install if you get a new motherboard do you even kno anything about of computers.... you cant tell me you cant cause i just did it two weeks ago its recommended to re install but you don't need to.......
  5. If you fit a new motherboard then you should reinstall the operating system. You can most often get away with not installing the operating system if the motherboard is not to dissimilar and the operating system is Windows 7. Windows XP is very bad in this regard and you will nearly always have to reinstall in this case. The real problem is that your Windows license will become invalid and you will have to get a new license if talking to Microsoft nicely does not work.
  6. Thank you for your help, I will find an equivalent mobo on newegg and try to boot, reinstall if it doesn't work. I'll try to see if I can warranty the dead mobo. Any suggestions for a good mobo at or below $150 in case the warranty doesn't work out? I paid $130 for the one that died.
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