Low voltage memory upgrade worth it on a laptop?

Hi, I'm new to these forums, but I have a question I hope you all can answer. So I have a Lenovo V570 with 6gb stock Samsung memory (2Gb + 4 Gb @ 1.5v), and I'm considering upgrading to 8Gb Crucial @ 1.35v, mostly to extend battery life. The question I'm asking is, does anybody know if it will be worth it? Will there be a noticeable increase in battery life if I do this, or would it be something that could be measured but not felt?
I can't seem to find any info on this subject, which I find odd because I feel the whole selling point of LV memory would be increasing battery life, if in fact it can do that.
Thanks all.
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  2. Maybe Tom's should so do a review testing the difference in power consumption on a laptop. I found they did one using desktop memory, but it doesn't really help in this situation.
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