Monitor displays for 2 seconds then turns black

I upgraded to a new monitor about 3 months ago, and gave my mother my old one. It's a 19" Samsung SyncMaster 940BX. After I arrived home today she told me her monitor was having issues. The issue was obvious, after just a few seconds of receiving power, it shows the desktop, then a few more seconds after that, the display goes dark. I've tried everything I could think of. I tried both inputs on multiple computers, no luck. I pounded on it a few times, still no luck.

Those are really my only two troubleshooting techniques for monitors. Does anyone know of anything I can do to potentially fix this monitor?
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  1. Can the VGA or DVI cable be replaced? might be worth trying a different video cable as there could be damage causing a short. Also the monitor could be over heating I've seen that in some places with animals etc that the vents get so clogged the heat cant get out.

    Really with out more information all i can do is take shots in the dark here. But trying a different video cable if you can would be a worth while test and also try plugging it directly into a wall socket i know its not recommended but say its on a power bar and its at the end of the bar it may not be getting enough power or there could be a problem with the bar itself.
  2. Went and did a bit of reading on other SyncMaster 940BX issues that are simillar and it sounds like it could be the inverter board or there could be some blown capacitors.

    Sounds like repairing it may take some skill in soldering to replace any damaged parts inside the monitor itself.

    Hopefully its just a cable or power plug issue but if the unit was over heating it very well could of taken damage.
  3. I've tried two different DVI and two different VGA cables. on 3 different computers.
  4. Wow yeah man its probably something inside thats gone is the monitor still under warranty?
  5. Nope, got it over 3 years ago. Trying to figure out what's wrong.
    I can't open this thing for the life of me
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