Updating Drivers: MotherBoard

Hey, this is my motherboard

I don't really know what drivers I'm supposed to get.
Should I install all of them?

Is there a order to do download and installations?

For example if you go to that link and go USB or SATA, do I download all of them and install?

Do i do it from oldest to newest?

Help! Thanks!
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  1. The only one I would do is this one

    P8Z77-V BIOS 0906

    You would need to put that file on a USB stick and restart the computer with it inserted, then do the EZFlash or whatever it is called when the picture is displayed right at the beginning there.

    The other stuff I wouldn't worry about if your system appears stable.

    Obviously if you have a problem with sound then it is worth a try to get the one listed for sound with the newest date, but other than that if it ain't broke don't fix it.

    You can pretty much ignore the items of each type except for the ones with the newest dates. You almost never have to install an old one in order to install a new one.

    I recently got a new motherboard and I haven't updated any of my drivers or even my BIOS from the manufacturer's website so I do practice what I preach.

    I intend to get around to doing my BIOS one (if there is a newer version available, I haven't even looked) sooner or later, but the other stuff I don't plan to do at all if I don't have to.

    Many people say its best to stay current, but trying to stay current usually doesn't do much for anybody. It can create a lot of PITA situations, though, which is why I suggest just not staying current unless you are having issues with stability.
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