[Small Case] Cooling Suggestion Needed

I've unknowingly bought a very tiny case. (probably a MicroATX) It came with a ATX power supply. How stupid!
When my MoBo was fine, the processor temps. used to go over 70C while gaming. Now that case has only two 80mm fan slots. One on the back and one on the side. I've fitted only one case fan on the back. (intake)
Since, My new MoBo is going to come soon from Intel, I dont wanna screw it up with that old PSU. I'm getting a Corsair CX430. Will it fit in my case?

I want suggestions regarding how can I improve airflow inside the case.

Specs on my signature.

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  1. Ok so the good news is the mobo will fit into your new case, also so will your new Power Supply,

    As for cooling recommendations, i need a link to the case so i can see what its dimensions are etc etc, but so far from your pictures it looks like some Dremel action may be required.
  2. Yah..so what is needed? I mainly want to know how can I fit different fans in it so that air flows better inside it. Is it better to keep one side opened?

    Sorry but there is no info on the manufacturers website about the dimensions. The funny thing is that it even has stand-offs under the HDD slots to fit an ATX board. :P
  3. Anyone else?
  4. Different fans?
    as in larger fans?
    1. Buy larger fan,
    2. mark screwholes (in corners of the fan) on case and drill
    3. cut out/drill holes inside the fans blade area on the case.
    Need better pics of the case to detail a plan for you really,
    but if your near Nottingham in the U.K. I'm happy to hack it up for you
  5. Or if your near Manchester UK i will also hack it up for you.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions.
    Ahh, getting a drill machine would be hard for me. lets see.
    I dont live anywhere near either nottingham or manchester. I live in India. I've been fooled by the local shopkeepers and was sold this useless case.
    Here, Intel takes 1month to give you a new product against a defective one. (RMA)
  7. So, I got a replacement (used) MoBo from Intel yesterday. I went to the market and bought 2 things,

    1. Corsair CX430 (v1, unfortunately)
    2. CoolerMaster 80mm case fan

    The PSU is fitted above the mobo and has the large fan fitted on the bottom of it. So, it would take hot air from their. So, Instead of fitting the newly bought fan in exhaust position, I fitted it in the intake position. so what happens is, the fan takes cool air into the case, the PSU fan takes that air and the hot MoBo air in. I've kept one side of the case open, as the wires were so long.

    So far it idles at 28-30C and 55-60C while playing games.
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