Dead Motherboard?

Hello All:

I would love some advice on the issue I am having. I am running Windows Home Server 2011 and, just yesterday, I got a blue screen of death that said the typical "System is Halted" and hardware malfunction. At first, I thought it was a power supply problem and I switched out PSUs.

When I put in a functional PSU, I could POST to the BIO but it would not spin a disk to load the OS. The BIOS would see the disk(s) in question but it wouldn't read actual data from it and, when I get beyond the POST screen, I get a blank screen when I would usually get the OS load screen.

Any thoughts?


MOBO: Gigabyte
CPU: Intel Dual Core
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  1. Possibly the BSOD came from a failing hard drive.

    How old is the HD?

    Do you have another hard drive laying around unused?

    If so take the current hard drive out and put the one laying around in, then try to load an OS on it and see if it works.

    If something other than the hard drive is damaged then you should probably not be able to get windows installed on a new drive and working in a stable way.

    If it is a hard drive problem, then the other hard drive should run perfectly.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I did try to swap out with a spare drive I had hanging around. What I would have expected with the mobo is for the mobo to load the OS disc from the ROM drive. However, while it still recognized the CD-ROM drive, it didn't spin up the disc within and it didn't prompt me to boot from the disc.

    The more I investigate this, the more I think the mobo is having some kind of failure. It's good enough to post but, for whatever reason, perhaps something electrical, is preventing any discs from spinning?


  3. It doesn't matter what bootable CDs you use, the computer won't boot from them even if the CD drive is first in the boot priority list?

    Are you sure it is plugged in right?

    would probably blame that directly on the drive itself. I would try to rule that out as a problem by switch CD Drives then. Possibly also by burning the CDs again if you had to make your own (max burn rate 8x too, btw).

    It always helps to ensure that it isn't the media that is jacked up or the media reader itself before you start trying to get obscure with stuff like motherboards.
  4. Yeah, I've done all of that. CD is in proper boot order, etc., and it is the original WHS11 CD from MSFT. I've got a spare mobo lying around and I was able to boot that one with the OS drive. It's got to be the mobo, me thinks...
  5. If you tried a different motherboard and kept everything else the same and the problem went away, then its most definitely a bad motherboard.
  6. make sure you unplug the old drive. if the controller of the drive went bad it can hand the bus of the mb.
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