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OK I have got 2 power supplies an OCZ ZX850W 850W 80+ Gold and a Corsair TX750 V2 80+ Bronze. I know Corsair is a better make but the OCZ is better on paper and has detachable cables which is a big bonus. I will not need over about a 500W PSU until I upgrade in 3-6 months (waiting for bulldozer specs and maybe Radeon 7000 series) and I want to sell 1 of these PSUs to a friend who wants to get his 1st dedicated GPU for gaming and only has a 300W PSU. Which of these PSUs would you keep and why?
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  1. I forgot to say both have a single 12V rail OCZ @ 70A Corsair @ 62A
  2. I have a Corsair HX850, an OCZ ModXtreme 700watt, an OCZ StealthXtreme 400watt and I recently helped a freind build a rig with an OCZ StealthXtreme 500watt. I have never run into any problems with any of them. I also find the OCZ power supplies to run very quietly, which is a bonus. I think that Corsair is good if you've got the money, but OCZ are great if you are trying to build a rig with slightly less money. I think that both should be options you consider.
  3. Not to mention that OCZ swap their PS during RMA with current similar model. I was having a ModXstream 700W and it got swapped with a Fatal1ty 750W which is a way better power supply. Their customer support is incredible, the best I know so far. I don't know many companies swapping your RMA with a better product.

    I seriously think this whole Corsair thing is way overated. I never got problem with them except a capacitor noise after 18 months of use. Even there... a new fatality... why should I look elsewhere...
  4. OCZ have got great reviews lately. Corsair TX series are a very proven model which are hard to beat. If it were me, id take the OCZ, it has good reviews and is modular. You should also look at antec, the trupower new can be had for a similar price.
  5. Thank you for the replies, I already have both power supplies so I will not be looking at any others just deciding which to keep. I am leaning towards the OCZ as its modular and costs alot more than the Corsair and gets great reviews. The only thing holding me back it that (above and elsewhere) alot of people say how good there RMA process is which makes me think they fail alot. BTW bthe reason I have both is my 850W Stealth extreme dies and they sent the ZX850W as a replacement and I bought the Corsair as I wanted a quick replacement and I forgot the OCZ one had a 3 year warranty.
  6. Yea the newer gens of OCZ are fine. They did have a bad batch a few years ago, but it seems like they got the issue solved.
  7. Neither Corsair nor OCZ manufacture PSUs, they contract them out. Found out who the actual manufacturer is & you'll have your answer. Check the JonnyGuru website.
  8. Corsair and OCZ have both had issues with their PSUs so it's a crap shoot which one you use.
  9. According to jonny guru the OCZ one (its actually talking about the 1000W) is made by Great Wall though it doesn't say about the Corsair. Does Great Wall mean anything as a PSU manufacturer? They both get 9.5 out of 10.
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