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CPU underperforming

Hi i'm new here. I have read a lot of forum post here and it help
but now i'm facing this issue for a while

My problem is whenever i play games there are mini spikes, i can't really know how to explain it but there a mini spike once in a few minutes
at in bf3, my fps is low and my game is not smooth..
maps like Seine Crossing i have 90+ fps yet the gameplay still spike
i change with my friend's performance ram it improve slightly yet still facing the same issue
i have swap from 5770 to 6970 both cards facing the same issue as well.. i have a feeling that it's my motherboard that is under performing. and i have update my bios as well
My friend's rig is Core2Duo , EP35 chipset and 5870 is outperforming my pc :( ... any help will be much appreciate .. :)

my PC spec

Core2Quad - Q8200 2.33 OC*~ @2.8
RAM - 4gb non-performance ram
MOBO- Gigabyte EP45-UD3L
GPU - Sapphire HD6970
PSU - Acbel 550w

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  1. What PSU does he have?

    Can you try his PSU in your PC?
  2. not sure.. somw 750w..

    i just change mine months ago after getting strike by lighting
  3. If your PSU blew up after a power surge, that could have easily affected every other component the PSU is connected to.

    It is very possible if you didn't replace the whole PC that there is some residual damage from the event. It would be hard to tell where that damage might be if so. Hundreds of thousands of watts is no joke.

    In any event, I would suggest you at least ask him if you can borrow his 750w. The Acbel is not a respected brand and the 6970 uses tons of power. Your issues could very easily be explained by the video card straining the PSU to the breaking point.
  4. alrite, i will try once my assessments are over.. thanks for the advices
  5. Raiddinn, i have try changing psu, it still have the same issue.. using 850w still have the spike issue... the only thing i haven;t try is changing the core with another board
  6. It perhaps could be the motherboard, but it still sounds a little unlikely from my perspective.

    At this point I would guess it is related to some sort of service, like every 10 minutes some program goes out and looks for an update on the internet or something like that.

    It would be kinda hard to narrow that down, you would have to search for services and go through manually shutting off stuff that lists itself as started. Also you would have to close out of all the other programs you have open and anything you have loaded in the task bar that isn't necessary for Windows to operate.

    You would know if you stopped the wrong service because it would cause large instability issues.

    Obviously stuff like the firewall service would be good to leave on.

    Does this happen in every game or just one or a few games?
  7. I enter with a clean boot... erm, i don play much games but the games that i play with occur these issues are Deus EX (lag badly), Saint Row The Third ( around 30 seconds then lag for 2 seconds) , BF3 ( mini spike with high fps [written top right] but performance like ***)
  8. Are there any games that never have any problems with lag?

    Did you try closing any services and if so did it impact performance any?

    Still sounds entirely possible that the problem is due to some parts getting electrocuted.

    Is anything still under warranty?
  9. everything is new.. just motherboard still under warranty and haven't switch the board and try yet
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    If you could put all your stuff in a similar motherboard and try it, that would be a good test. That isn't easy for most people, though. If you can arrange it then by all means go ahead.
  11. ok thanks for the advise...
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