Motherboard Replacment Suggestion?

I updated mt intel DH67CL bios and now my computer won't start. My ssd is working but I don't think the motherboard is reading it. Cause nothing displays on my monitor.
So can I get some suggestions for motherboards? Here are things I want

4 memory channels
Fast boot time
Sata 3(6gbps) x1(or more)
2 pic-ex16 slots
Good warranty and build quality

I hope I'm not asking for too much. My budget is 125 dollars. Well the most important thing is good build quality and warranty with sata 6gbps
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  1. dude 125$? what socket are you using?
  2. Lga1155

    Yes 125 :/ I wish I could pump more but I'm on a budget ..... I don't need a super quality over lockable motherboard. Just what I listed.
  3. LGA 1155, okay you can get a decent mobo under 125$. tell me what chipset you desire? will Z77 be good for you?
  4. Well I don't know what the chipset differences are so anything as long as I can ur windows 7 and Tera without problem :D I got a gtx 560ti if that makes a difference
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  6. Thank you but what does pic-e x16 1@4 mean?
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  8. that's the speed of the GPU lanes.
    gen3 @ 16
    gen2 @ 4
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