HAF 912 Case - How to set up the fans?


I bought the CM HAF 912 case (stock 2 fans - 120mm front/back) and I decided to buy a 4 pack of 120MM fans from CM.

My specs for the system are:

-i3 2100 (upgrading to i5 2500k this winter/next spring)
-2x2gb ddr3 ram
-ati radeon HD 6870

How should I mount the extra fans? There is room for top and side: either 1 200m or 2x120mm fans.

I'm assuming exhaust on top to suck out the hot air and intake on side? Or how should I go about doing that?
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  1. you dont really need 6 fans at once. I would keep one or two as spare. I have that case and i have 2 front intakes, an intake on the door, one top exhaust, and one back exhaust. I am only keeping 3 on (one front intake, door intake, and back exhaust) until i can get a fan controller because it gets too loud
  2. I have this exact case with that exact fan pack.

    Have 2 front intake, 1 side intake, 1 rear exhaust and 2 top exhaust.

    One of the front intakes and the rear exhaust should already be installed. The acoustic profile of the side vent is horrible with the 120mm fans. I cut out some pantyhose and put it on the side fan vent to eliminate the terrible noise.
  3. Careful about that side intake. More fans does not necessarily mean cooler. Try and plan the flow of air. If you have air intakes coming from all different directions, you can end up creating vortexes inside the case that will trap hot air in small pockets and end up overheating your parts when your system temps could be reading quite low. What you should be aiming for is one side of the case with big intake fans, which carry cold air that touches every piece of the computer on its way through and then exits on the opposite side, and always UP. So if you had nice big front intake fans on the bottom and then high rear and back top fans pushing out that would give you good flow through the case, touching first the hard drive, then starting at the bottom right corner of the mobo and passing through to the top left and then out.
  4. Honestly it has so much mesh in it doesn't really matter that much.
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