[Asus] P5Q - is my PSU dead?

I have opened up my case today to clean it a bit ( GPU has reached 97C. LOTS of dust).

After putting everything back together, And connecting the power, The P5Q led blinks fast and the computer would not turn on. Googling around tells me this means the mobo isn't getting its' proper power.

I've disconnected EVERYTHING from the motherboard and the PSU but the 24 Pin (Front USB, Front buttons, PCI Ethernet card, Video card, CPU fan, HDD, DVD), And the problem presists.

I've tried testing the voltage according to this: http://pinouts.ru/Power/atx_v2_pinout.shtml

3 to 4 Give a good 5.5V, but 1 to 3, or 2 to 3 Doesn't give any voltage (And using a resistance checker, they are apparently shorted)

Shorting 16 to ground starts the fans.

How can I make sure it's the PSU? I don't have another one around...

PSU is ThermalTake Toughpower 600W.

Update: testing with a multimeter, Pin 4 to groun gives 5.5V, pin 16 gives 3V. The rest 0. Dead I guess.
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  1. If you can turn it on like you did and the 12vs give no power, its probably a dead PSU.

    The only reading that I accept from a multimeter with any meaningful amount of weight is a reading of 0 and you seem to have plenty of those.

    Anyway, if you tell me what your parts are, I can advise you about a new PSU to get.

    Newegg probably still has a CX 430 for about $28 and that is a great bargain in the low wattage space. It probably gives at least as much power as the Thermaltake 600w does.
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