Newer GPU performance with i7 920

I'm considering upgrading my older GTS 250 video card to a GTX 570 but I plan to keep my older i7 920 processor. I'm a little confused about performance, though. Should I expect to see significant gains in game performance or will there be bottleneck issues? Would RAM be a factor as well? It's easier and cheaper to upgrade just the GPU and RAM, of course.

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  1. How much RAM do you have and what resolution are you gaming at?
  2. 6gb and typically 1920x1080. It's mostly for Starcraft 2 and eventually diablo3
  3. That graphics card will give you a big performance increase and I doubt your i7 920 will bottleneck it
  4. Youll be hard pressed to even get any generation of core processors to bottleneck any video card.

    I'm betting you can run that at stock speeds and still won't bottleneck any video cards to such a degree that you'll notice it. Hell...i still run mine stock most of the time..
  5. Thanks for all your feedback. At least I don't have to add a new cpu to the shopping list :D

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