Need help connecting wires on 600A01-6LRS mobo

i took out the mobo trying to figure out a problem i had been having where my computer would turn on but turn off for no reason. well still trying to figure that out but i need to figure out where the power switch, hdd, led, and reset wires plug into. ive tried connecting them in which ever order to rule out the wrong ones but cant get it to turn on. i know there is a yellow square where mic in and audio stuff goes. then there is a red square where i think the wires belong then there is a black square that im not to sure of. any input would be greatly appreciated. Oh and ive already searched high and low for the manual for this mobo but just leads me to dead ends. searched the forum also and didnt turn anything up.
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  1. To be honest, I am not sure that the problems are due to incorrect wiring.

    Start by using a minimalist setup.

    Take the motherboard out of the case, unplug everything from it except the two cables from the PSU. One should be either 2 rows of 2 or 2 rows of 4 and right next to the CPU. The other should be a big fat 2 rows of 12 on the side of the motherboard.

    Lay all that out on a wooden table and then take a flat screw driver and start lightly touching it to two pin combos towards the bottom right of the board.

    The ones you are looking for should be clearly marked on the motherboard as being related to PWR or Power or something. The bank you are looking for has a row of 4 and right under it a row of 5. The top right corner will have nothing in it. You want the two in the top left.

    This should turn the computer on as long as the processor and RAM are both inserted. Fans should begin to spin once you have done this right.

    If you are pushing on the pins with any kind of force, that is too much. Just lightly laying it across there is enough to let power flow through the screw driver from one pin to the other which is all that a power button does.

    Anyway, if you do all of this that rules out like 50 different variables that aren't being controlled right now and it makes it much easier to determine the root cause of the problem you are having.

    By the way, a quick trick you can try before you do all this is to just push hard on the RAM (without unplugging anything) and try to turn it on. Sometimes that will instantly fix this sort of issue. As long as you are pushing straight down and not at an angle, there is nearly zero chance of damaging either the RAM or the motherboard so you can put some pretty serious firmness behind it.

    Obviously you wouldn't want to use every ounce of your might or anything, but a good 10 pounds of pressure is good enough to ensure that the RAM is all the way in the slot. Just stopping when you see the clamps move into position isn't necessarily far enough.
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