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In my very short time hear in the systems forum on Tom's Hardware it has appeared to me that a community approved and stickyed build guide for different budget levels would eliminate quite a few new threads. I propose that this guide be gaming focused as this is what the majority of the computer builds in the systems forums are geared towards (or at least thats the way it appears to me). Also besides the different budget range build guides I suggest we create a list of recommend resources for potential builders to look at first before they ask questions. Such as Anandtech, Tom's itself, bit-tech, guru3d, etc. I would propose price ranges be <$400 USD, $500-$600 USD, $700-$800 USD, $1000 USD, $1200 USD >$1200 USD.
Please give me your comments on this idea or start your contributions to it.
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  1. It already exists in the articles .

    Toms do the

    gaming builds on a regular basis
    It might be useful to have quick links to those builds in the forum somewhere
  2. We should sticky those, but I am going to go on a limb and say that the community might not agree with the Tom's builds and we also could update the prices of components in our build guide more regularly and find better deals. Just my .02
  3. If you click the stickies at the top of this forum, you'll find links to exactly what you're looking for.
  4. The problem with the community is that some are 14 year old fan boys with too much enthusiasm and too little experience

    and others are clearly working for the marketing departments at the major CPU manufacturers . Particularly Intel who have a larger budget
  5. cmcghee358 said:
    If you click the stickies at the top of this forum, you'll find links to exactly what you're looking for.

    Damn . I never noticed!
  6. Well then a suggestion would be to get those links out in the open where someone who is going to take little to no time to search and just post another infuriating thread could find very easily instead of having to search.
  7. Sounds like an excellent idea. The only other issue I see is it would need to be CONSTANTLY updated to account for changing tech. The nice thing about the Tom's system builder reviews are they provide a nice guideline with minimal effort.
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