Should l get a new PSU

Hi, l'm a newcomer to the site, but am also a complete DUMMY but will try anything once if given concise instructions.
My screen blanked out with a no signal message and the computer switched itself off and wouldn't power back on.
Took it into the repairers (here in France) who got it working, were still getting the no signal message, but at least the computer stayed powered on.
They said it was the graphics side of the motherboard that had "blown" so l had it replaced with the same make as before.
I then contacted the MSI forums board (as it was an MSI motherboard) and they just said get a new PSU as it's the Heden causing all the problems - the 12v rail should be a minimum of 30A if not more? They obviously recommended a Corsair PSU.
My Heden has the following specs printed on a label on its side -
230V 50Hz / 480W (max)
EXIT = +5V - 21A, +12V1 - 18A, +12V2 - 18A, +3.3V - 14A, -12V - 1.0A, +5VSB - 2.5A
MAX = +5&12V - 130, +5V&12V&3.3V - 455
Have read your PSU forum threads which were really interesting - didn't realise there was so much to learn about PSU's!
I'm not into gaming and have no other cards plugged into the motherboard.
Should l therefore be looking for a new PSU as they suggested, or was it just a fluke with the motherboard?
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  1. Rats, my details are not showing up.
    Its an MSI 760GM-E51 mobo with AMD Athlon II X2 250 processor, 4 x 1gb ddr3 ram, and two 500gb sata drives.
  2. I would still get a quality PSU no matter what since it is the heart of your computer.

    An Antec EA 380D or Corsair CX 430 V2 will be more than enough and is of a good price. Since your PSU is 230V, i take it you're not from the US.

    But generally the Antec is around $40 USD and Corsair around $45 (usually they have rebates or sales which take off $10-20)
  3. No signal message just means SOMETHING in the system is not working to be able to initialise a display, if you have on-board video it could just be faulty ram, the repairer should be able to diagnose this properly if they have any idea what they are doing. /if the thing wasnt powering on at all you at least need a new psu, and it looks like possibly a new motherboard or ram. you can try all the ram sticks individually to determine if one is faulty.
  4. First of all, thanks for replying lilo, and yes l'm in France at the moment.
    Whilst one can order whatever PSU they want, over here it seems that Heden is the one they all seem to install, like it or not.
    Godammit, l hate America (not really) but your prices put every other country to shame!
    Shouldn't think in $ so we'll have to talk in euros (ouch!).
    The reason for the delay is that l've been researching your suggestions and also looking at other alternatives, bearing in mind that l have hardly any money at all, l need to get the best possible deal!
    Also, bear in mind that the MSI 760GM-E51 mobo that l have installed comes with a simple dip switch whereby l can overclock the FSB by either 10%, 15%, or 20%. The guys from the MSI site also say (rightly or wrongly) that the 12V rail should be a minimum of 30A - Who knows?
    Corsair or Antec? Well Corsair is far cheaper than Antec over here Euro wise, and it does have a good write up.
    Your suggestion of the Corsair CX430 V2 80 Plus looks brill, but only delivers 28A on the 12V rail. Retail €43
    However, the Corsair CX500 V2 80 Plus delivers 34A on the 12V rail and retails for €55.
    I am not a "gamer" and can't ever see myself installing a faster graphics card, but l may up the ante on the FSB to either 10% or 15%.
    So what are your thoughts on buying the CX500, or should l just bite the bullet and get the CX430.
    All very confusing, so l hope it makes sense.
    And now iam2 has jumped in, so thanks for that, REALLY appreciated.
    Speccy, Belarc, and CPUID CPU-Z etc, all say that the ram is recognisable and working so l assume(?) all is ok.
    Ha ha, if they have any idea what they are doing. I think these guys are a bunch on "anchors" but the good thing about sticking with them is that when something goes wrong, they HAVE to fix it and it doesn't cost me.
    Point taken iam2, but l think my ram is ok (blimmin well hope so!).
    Thanks to all, and will await any replies.
    Kind Regards
  5. the CX 430 V2 and Antec EA 380D can run a 6870 / gtx 560 ti on a i7 920 system (mine) with no problems at all. I also ran a plethora of other video cards on mine (either making sure they work for friends or fam or checking for problems).

    They're plenty enough for your system and unless the CX 500 V2 is like 5 euros more, 34 amps to 28 amps isnt a big difference.

    You should be able to find this in the high 30s low 40 euro range. In the high 40 and low 50 euro range, you'll run into much more high quality units compared to the CX line such as the XFX Core editions / Antec Neo Eco's/ Antec High Current Gamers/ Antec EA-500D.
  6. Thanks everyone for the excellent advice.
    Here in SE Fr. Antec is more expensive than Corsair. The shop l go to specialise in Gigabyte boards and Heden PSU's but l know you can get them to order whatever you desire.
    Now due due to the shops screw up, 9 days later l took the computer back from them (still not fixed properly), and fixed it myself, well sort of!
    I'm trying it on at the moment, and have asked them to get me a Corsair CX500 V2 80 Plus for the same price as a Corsair CX 430 V2 80 Plus. I'll be happy with the latter, but then you never know, l may get lucky.
    So within the next week or so l should have a decent PSU installed.
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