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Why are the Core i3 21xx processors ranked two tiers higher than the other Core i3 (540, 550, etc.) cpus? They seem to have around the same performance in most reviews I've seen, and the 21xx processors aren't even overclockable.

Strictly for gaming, and if I don't care about upgradability, why would I spend the extra money to get, say, a 2100 over a 550?
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  1. If you have an i3 550 setup then surely no point thinking about the i3 2100. On the other hand if someone is out for a new build, the i3 2100 is a better buy over the old tech i3 550.
  2. I actually don't already have an 550 setup, sorry if that was misleading.

    I meant that the 2100 is usually a bit more expensive than the older i3's, but don't really seem to perform that much better on gaming charts that compare the two. And it's said that they're bad overclockers. So why is it a "better buy" as you say, or why does the heirarchy chart rank it 2 tiers higher, and in fact, the same tier as core i5's and i7's?
  3. At same clock speed the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ should outperform the 1st generation by about 10% to 15%. The closest in speed is the Intel Core i3-540 but the closest in price is the Intel Core i3-550. Here is how they stack up in some benchmarks . Right now at the Intel Core i3-2100 and the Intel Core i3-550 have the same price. So a better question is why would you choice to go with an old technology and worst performance for the same price?

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. well, i just ordered my i3-2100, will be getting it tomorrow. the performance/price of 2nd generation i3's make them stand well ahead of 1st gen.
    also, u may neglect upgradability,however in future more and more games that use 4 cores wil be released,and so you will need to upgrade ur cpu one day,dats de day wen this new tech will really matter.
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