Is this build ok?

Intel i5-2400
Asus P8H67-M LE
Corsair 2GB ddr3 x 2 (value ram)
Asus EAH5670
320gb Western Digital SATA 3.0 (will add a WD green caviar in the future)
CoolerMaster 550w Real Power SLI (Model: RS-550-ACAA-A1)

Will my PSU handle this components?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. See the build advice form. Doesn't look too bad for everyday use, but I'd get a different HDD and PSU for starters.
  2. Okay thanks a lot... I dont need much storage... And I'm just worried about the PSU any recommendation for the PSU?
  3. Antec Neo Eco 520W

    With the HDD, it's not just the space, a Spinpoint F3 or similar would also be faster due mostly to higher platter density.
  4. If you plan on gaming I would consider getting a less expensive cpu and a better graphics card. What is your budget? What resolution do you play/ plan to play on? What games would/do you play? What else is the computer used for? Are you in the U.S.?
  5. Alright thanks... Will take note about the HDD.

    But I only have limited options for the PSU since I'm not from the states. I trimmed down my options to CoolerMaster 550w Real Power SLI and FSP AURUM Series 80+ GOLD which is just 400w.

    What do you think is better of the two?

    But will try to scout the local market for the PSU you recommended (Antec NEO ECO 520C 520W Continuous Power )

  6. I'm not really into game but wanted to somehow have a future proof system. for at least a year or two...

    my other build is a

    Athlon II x4 640 or Phenom II x4 955 BE
    Asus M4A88T-M
    Corsair 2GB ddr3 x 2 (value ram)
    Asus EAH5670
    320gb Western Digital SATA 3.0 (will add a WD green caviar in the future)
    CoolerMaster 550w Real Power SLI (Model: RS-550-ACAA-A1)
  7. For future proofing I would stick with Intel socket 1155 as it has been confirmed the Ivy Bridge processors will work. Something more along the lines of:
    Core i3 2100
    MSI P67-C43 or Asus P8H67-M LE
    Corsair Ram
    Radeon HD 5770
    FSP Aurum 400w
    I would choose the FSP over the CoolerMaster at this point. Although neither is ideal and if you could find a 500w+ that is of better quality I would buy that. Where are you from (could help find sites and parts available)?
  8. I'm from Philippines and boy technology here is slow... I could squeeze a FSP AURUM Series 80+ GOLD (500w) for my budget.

    the site of my supplier is

    and by the way i'll be buying the antec three hundred chasis for my build.
  9. If thats the site you have to deal with to buy computer parts I feel for you. What is your budget in Philippine pesos?
  10. I have around 25,000 pesos for my build.

    but excluding the graphic card I have around 20,000 budget..
    Since SB can provide me a light gaming using the on board video card.
    Would either of those websites be able to ship to you or would you feel comfortable buying from them?
  12. Sad to say but those two sites has more expensive components...

    I have two suppliers it could be ( and the

    I'll be buying from those two site and then assemble the parts by myself. I could just save around 500 pesos not much (estimated).

    My plan is to buy these components at pcgilmore.
    Intel i5-2400 for 8,400 pesos vs 8,800 pesos (from pcx) save 400 pesos
    Asus P8H67-M LE for 5,250 pesos vs 5,400 pesos (from pcx) save 150 pesos

    Then buy the remaining parts from pcx
    Corsair 2gb 1020 pesos
    FSP AURUM Series 80+ GOLD 400w 2,850 pesos
    Antec Three Hundred 3,150 pesos vs 3,300 pesos (from pcgilmore) save 150 pesos

    Any HDD will do around 2,000 pesos.

    This build will be around 22,670 pesos.
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    From what parts I saw available to you online that build looks like it would be the best. My only thought/concern is that since you aren't getting a video card right away to upgrade your power supply to the 500w one as this will allow you in the future to add a dedicated video card and not have to worry if you can power it. Best of luck to you on your build.
  14. I'm also thinking of downgrading my cpu to i3-2100 and then invest the remaining money to a video card. which will drag down the price to 19,000 pesos.
  15. Thanks a lot I'll be getting then the FSP AURUM Series 80+ GOLD 500w.

    Thanks to you and more power.
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