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Sup all i'm finally posting back after so long :) . Anyway I had a small issue concerning my power-supply, after my big upgrade a couple months ago I got a 700w generic power-supply to accommodate my new hardware it was running good for quite sometime until I started getting frequent shut downs/restarts/no post booting/ massive pc hangups and lagging problems, I did a lil trial and error and wondered if it was just a power related issue. Just to make sure i got a cheap 500w CoolerMaster Xtreme Power-Supply luckily everything worked quite excellent not thus not having any more probs so far. My setup is as follows

AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 940 BE Processor

3.02 GHz

GSkill DDR2 6 GB

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS

Just need to know if the prob persists what is the next step to take. If not well GJ to me :bounce: :sol: :D :D
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  1. your probably right on the money with the PSU being the issue, especially if the system is completely shutting down and rebooting. And just FYI coolermaster dont make great PSU's, although they are normally much better than the other total generic crap on the market.
  2. Now that you've seen what cheap PSU can do save up your money and then you'll have enough to buy a quality unit in the first place.
    I would think this would be obviouos...
  3. very thanks alot for the heads up
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