Quick upgrade question

Heya again guys, I've got my eye on a two bundles from amazon here


and here


I was wondering would I notice an increase in performance? I use my rig mainly for games

CPU Q6600
MOBO nVidia 680 lt sli
GPU GTX 560 ti
RAM 4 Gigs DDR (I think)
HDD 1Tb 7200 SATA
PSU I Forget but its a 1000 watt hefter from what I remember
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  1. Yeah, but FX series is inferior to Intel for gaming, among most others.
  2. don't get amd for gaming, and what is your mobo? pretty sure You don't use SLI 680's to plug everything in lol. If you want an upgrade, just get 8gb of NEW ram (im guessin what you have is old) a new 1155 motherboard and a new CPU (i3 2100 is cheap but possibly a bottleneck if you decide to get a better card.). The gtx 560ti is fine for now
  3. couldnt help myself. some lads over at major geeks said its pretty much bench marked at %50 better so i just ordered it. bam! its comes with the cpu, heat sink and ram connected for even more ease
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