Cannot connect my Pc to my HDTV using a hdmi cable *need help badly*

I have bought a hdmi cable but when i plug it into my pc and then into my tv i get no signal. I have tryed a few things to resolve this but nothing to my knowledge works. My pc and tv and cable is capable of working. I am using a HDTV as my pc monitor using a dvi to hdmi cable (Dvi from pc hdmi into tv) which works fine and so does vga. Just hdmi is causing the problems. I am using a nividia graphics card. I dont know what is going wrong i really need help because i dont like using dvi to hdmi as it isn't the best quality. UPDATE: Also i just bought a second hdmi cable and still no luck. Thanks in advanced... ANY ADVICE AT ALL PLEASE SHARE

UPDATE:tried many different resolutions and 720p and 1080i NO LUCK I think i need to turn hdmi on? How do i do that i tried bios cant find a hdmi option Its like its not sending out any hdmi signals........ HELP!

Specs:Gigabyte S-series MA78LMT-S2 and my graphics card is a>>> NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 HELP ASAP
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  1. I have the same problem. Help!
  2. DVI and HDMI provide the exact same quality because well they use the same signal, TDMS which is why you can use a passive adapter for DVI to HDMI. The only difference between the two is HDMI carries audio and uses copyright protection (HDCP) which is a pain and could be the reason why it is not working on your TV because HDCP can mess things up sometimes, or your TV is not compatible with HDCP (usually the case if your TV is older, but I doubt that's the case). Oh and DVI dual-link can provide more bandwidth meaning higher resolutions and refresh rates. Just an after thought but is the HDMI port on your motherboard (IGP) or GeForce GT 220?
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