My computer desktop shutdown but cpu fan and power led still on?

Hi, i have some problem on my computer desktop first of all this is my specification of my computer

PROCESSOR- Intel (R) core(TM) i3 CPU
RAM- 2GB kingston DDR3
HARD DISK- Western Digital 500GB
PSU- GIGABYTE 720w newly buy
OS- windows 7 ultimate

i remove already my video card and other 2gb ram for testing but its the same problem, so this is my BIG and scary Problem :cry: last time when i try to put my computer into sleep mode and my screen goes black and saying that "no signal" but the cpu fan and power led button still working and it seem's like my computer no turn off..then i try to searching in google about my problem and i follow the instruction i read in google with the same problem of my computer , trying to test with out my videocard and 1 stick 2gb memory, checking the bios setting put into default setting but nothing's happen i mean the same problem then other day i am trying to shutdown my computer by clicking on start menu and i thought that already shutoff all the parts off my computer because l left home for 2 days when im back the "cpu fan" and "power led button" still working then that time i am thinking what happen on my computer thats why i though its only PSU so i buy a NEW PSU GIGABYTE but still the same problem :( is it my motherboard problem? :( sorry for my bad english i am appreciate for all the suggestion and answer for my problem hopely...
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  1. PLs.... :( give me suggestion or answer on what's happening on my computer :(
  2. You should check several things for several reasons.

    1) Update your Windows. Many energy savings issues have occured with windows for the type of power profiles set incorrectly in the bios. Use defaults and check if it sleeps normally, and returns to an active state normally. Many MS KB articles have addressed most of the power state issues of the major brand board systems.

    2) Replace the bios battery. This keep the profile settings active after shutdown.

    3) Check your Mainboard pin connections for your headers. Make sure they are "polarity correct" and also in the "correct placement" for the case switches.
    (this is what i'm thinking is the issue, as i've seen the same problem with user built systems too many times to count)
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