Good GPU for i3 2120

Approximate Purchase Date: within the month

Budget Range: $500 - $600

System Usage: Gaming, Video Editing

Overclocking: Maybe, but preferably not

SLI or Crossfire: I have no clue

Additional Comments: A decent system to last for 2-3 years

Salutations Community ...

Oh lordie ... Where do I start? I've been meaning to get myself a decent desktop for a while ... & a little money's come my way :)

A decent rig ... Games to run nice & smooth (Starcraft 2, Assassin's Creed, COD, & was thinking of starting a couple of MMOs) ... on mid-high level settings ... Also be able to do my Video Editing projects without waiting too long for rendering ...

I've done some research, and have decided on at least the Processor + the Mobo:

Processor: intel i3 2120
Mobo: Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3 (although I'm open to suggestions)

RAM prices are competitive, so I was just thinking of getting either a Kingston 1333 or a similar Patriot pair.

The tricky-dicky is trying to decide on a GPU ... Now THERE is where I get confused (i'm waaaaayyyy behind in this tech stuff guys)

I get that there's this whole difference between a DDR3 vs a DDR5 GPU. My question is: Would my Processor/Mobo Combo be able to fully utilise a DDR5 GPU? Or are the GPU capabilities completely independent of the Processor/Mobo? Would I notice a fantastically/super difference in gaming performance if i get a DDR5 GPU vs a DDR3 GPU on my chosen Processor/Mobo Combo?

I ask mainly because there's a big price jump in getting a DDR5 GPU vs a DDR3 GPU ... Can most games like the ones I've listed above run perfectly well enough on a DDR3 GPU? Could I just as well get a DDR3 GPU and get more RAM (say 8GB or 16GB) instead of spending more on a DDR5 GPU with less RAM (4GB)?

Having said all that, what are my options, should I go for a DDR3 GPU, as well as a DDR5 GPU?

The most I would spend on a GPU, I guess, based on my budget, would be for this:

MSI HD 5770 Juniper 1GB 128bit DDR5

This model above has been getting consistently great reviews based on price vs performance vs part quality, etc.

Finally, how much power would I really need in a PSU? 450W?

Oh yeah ... My listed budget is all-inclusive. But all the other items are competitive-ish (HDD, RAM, LCD TV, etc), so I'm not going to bother yous with all that :)

Sorry heaps for the long read guys (& ladies) ... I guess I just need to solve this before I go shopping ...

Thank you all so much in advance ...

P.S. You don't have to include links to newegg or such ... I'm not from the States so shipping alone will kill me :(
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  1. If you want good gaming perfomance and video editing I would go for Phenom II X4 955. Reason is that has 2 more cores! I would also go with an AM3R2(AM3+) Socket so you can upgrade to Bulldozer later. Give links of the shop you want to buy and I'll build one for you!
  2. Depending on your budget remaining i'd look at the HD 5770 or GTS 450, if you have a bit more to spend then look at the HD 6850 or GTX 460. As for a PSU, i think a good quality 450W PSU would be ok on a card like the HD 5770 since it doesn't look like youre going to be overclocking.
  3. Well in my honest opinion, if you do a lot of Video encoding and rendering, i suggest a more cores CPU (Quad or hexa) from AMD
    i3-2100 is very good for gaming, but it sucks at muti-threaded apps.
    You should probably go for a Phenom x4 955 BE and OC it
    It will be better than running a dual core with your kind of requirement.

    Yes GDDR5 is much faster, but doesnt mean GDDR3 is slow, its just old tech. But if you are getting used cheaper cards on Ebay, you should definitely go for it to reduce costs.
    I think a gtx 260 or 270 should be easily available now at cheap prices on Ebay
    5570 isnt too great for gaming.

    For the CPU, take combo offers, they offer great discounts
    AMD Hexa (Aren't to optimized for gaming, but great for Video encoding)
    Or Quad core

    My Personal suggestion
    this combo
    i5-2500 + Motherboard+ HDD +RAM
    Your old computer case
    550W PSU ($65)
    You have about $150 for a GPU
    (get a used one from Ebay)
    GTX 550 which is quite well priced for its performance

    Total= $605
    -with this you get an i5 processor which is much better than the i3. Much better for encoding videos and very good for gaming.
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