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I wanted a Low budget gaming graphic card..so i choose an ATI 5770, well ive heard better reviews abt the Nvidia 450Gt,

which one is better and future proof...atleast for mayb 3years...
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  1. both will not likely last 3 years. the 5770 is the faster single card although you can get some highly OC'd gts450's that match and sometimes beat the speed of a 5770, but they cost more too. If you want it to be futureproof for 3 years you really need to look into a higher end card like a 6950.
  2. The HD 5770 can be "future proof" for 3 years, but that depends on...

    1. Gaming resolution - Higher resolution means lower performance.

    2. Graphic settings - If you can live with medium settings later, then the card will last you longer.
  3. well how abt 2 5770's in crossfire ...would that b future proof..
  4. Two phrases that were not meant to go together. Future proof and low budget.
  5. hd 6950 2gb seems like a attractive choice for now. there are a few reasons for this.

    -is cheaper than gtx 570
    -it is unlockable to hd 6970 with bios flash(but i won't do it anyway even if i have 1)
    -assuming that AMD already totally solved its driver support issue for crossfire,
    its 2 gpu configurations is far superior to that of gtx 560 ti SLI.
    -Uses far less power in crossfire than GTX 570 SLI

    buying two of these and crossfire will save you lots of money than buying 1 hd 6990. While not far behind in terms of performance.

    While me myself prefer a gtx 570.. but hd 6950 2gb is so good it that i can't deny it is a better choice over the 570..
  6. "Future proof" is a myth, there is only "future resistant." If you're willing to lower settings enough, an older HD3850 can still play current games, but I don't think that's the point. Will your budget allow you to get a GTX460? Even the 768MB version is stronger than the HD5770 pretty much across the board: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/296?vs=315
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