Asus P8Z68 V_PRO + 3 HDD Setup Help

Hi guys. Im stuck with somewhere in the middle. I built a desktop a few months ago and been using it with no HDD detected message coming up when i boot and no hdd led is lightning. Anyway i dont know about raid stuff. I just connected everything serially. 2 HDD on 6gb ports and 1 hdd and a Cd driver on 3gb ports.

On Grey Sata 6gb ports : Crucial m4 real SSD
WD caviar Blact 2TB ( Always freezes for a few secs when i click on it )

On sata 3gb ports : Hitachi 1TB ( Which is actually like faster than my WD Black 2TB )
LG Bluray Drive..

What kind of setup is that i dont know... So i would really apreciate whoever is gonna help me to set this thing properly.

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  1. Come on ! No one is got a clue ?
  2. The "no HDD detected" message is normal. It's merely Marvell telling you nothing is connected to the Marvell 6 GB/s SATA controller (navy blue).

    As for the Caviar freezing, I'll venture to guess it's just waking from sleep... check your power settings.
  3. Thanks mate.
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