Upgraded(?) my VGA, and performance dropped...


I bought a new Sapphire HD5770 Vapor-X card, and ran Vantage, because i was curious. My scores hit around 7400GPU and 7400 CPU, while with my old 4770 this value was around 7200GPU and 9800CPU.

After a reboot, i got a result with 9600GPU 9600CPU...i was happy, thought it was some driver problem, which got solved by a restart.

Today i noticed that my FPS is quite low in a game, so i ran vantage again. My results are around 7400-7400 again.


Q8300 2.5Ghz
Sapphire 5770 Vapor-X
4GB Geil EVO

Has anyone had the same problem?
Help please.
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  1. Vantage is heavily nvidia skewed. far weaker Nv cards can outperform stronger ATI ones. It's not a reliable test.
  2. I'd agree, I run FurMark and several game bench marks: Call of Pripyat Benchmark, DiRT2, and Just Cause 2. I also use FRAPS to see actual in-game performance.

    So, when I try a new OC, or a new driver version comes out I can see if things have improved...

    Also, did you download and install the latest ATI/AMD video driver? (you MUST reload when you change video cards...)

    Now the 5770 Vapor-X is a nice card, I run two of them. But, if you check Tom's :


    there really isn't that much more powerful than a 4770. You do have triple monitor support, you do have DX11 support, it is a wickedly cool & quiet card. BUT, it's not going to Kill a 4770.....
  3. Its not about nvidia vs ati...its about CPU performance dropping, and my 5770 doing the same output as my 4770 did...
  4. I'm wondering if it can be a PSU problem...i got a 420W noname PSU...but still im in doubt...wouldnt it be simply turn off, or restart, instead of producing crap results?

    And...i know theres not "that" much difference between 4770 and 5770, but i expect more from a HD5770 then 25FPS in Starcraft 2...i hope you undestand:P
  5. Did you completely remove the old drivers before installing the new card?

    a 5770 should be maxing starcraft 2 with 60 frames. so there is a problem. Run driversweeper to make sure the old drivers are gone, before re-installing.
  6. Ah, CPU performance is your focus..... well you'll have to test many, many times, and form an average because:
    - windows does a lot of things in the background:
    - creates restore points
    - does disk checks
    - Virus scans
    - runs task for program updates
    - download & updates the operating system...
    - etc...

    We'll you get the point run the same test once every half hour for an 8 or 10 hour period. The put all the numbers in a spread sheet and calculate the average and/or plot the numbers to see the variations. Or find a test that runs solid for hours at a time and produces a nice solid average at the end for you.

    Your right, it's Not the power supply : "...wouldn't it be simply turn off, or restart, instead of producing crap results?"

    BUT, that power supply is on the marginal side for a 5770, give it an upgrade to 600--650watt Corsair or Antec TP when funds allow:
  7. Ye i'm planning that...but as you said, "when funds allow"

    My focus isnt CPU performance at all, i just simply cannot understand why it dropped 2k points without touching...I know that results wont be the same because of the background applications etc...i'd accept a couple hundred differences....

    But dropping 2k from my CPU results and the 5770 producing the same amount of points as my 4770....it hurts...

    (well actually its not the points which i care of, rather the game performance...as i mentioned before 25fps in Starcraft2 is really low...)
  8. Now i put back my 4770, and i still see my CPU is stuck around 7400...how is this possible? I upgraded my VGA and it resulted as a huge CPU performance drop??

    Im so fkin confused:D
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