Asus ares vs asus hd6990 vs asus gtx590

Hi Guys

my question

which is the better card ?
i have read the latest reviews where the 6990 and 590 went head to head
but still cannot make up my mind on what card is best
i intend to overclock which ever card i end up choosing

if money wasn't the issue in making a decision like this ?
I know the ares is an older card than the latest offerings from ati and nvidea
but can it hold its own against them?

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  1. 6990 is faster especially at high resolution (2560x1600)

    ares is not competition...

    gtx590's pcb gets over 110degrees and vrms are burning so many cards
    have self destroyed itself.

    winner :6990 imo
    just get a good case and dont let the fan go over %50.
  2. YOu can easily overclock 6990 to 950mhz but when u overclok gtx590
    you may damage the vrms and the card... check my thread!
    this is serious issue man
  3. From Tom's Hardware:
    "Nevertheless, in a comparison between GeForce GTX 590 versus Radeon HD 6990, Nvidia wins. And it wins because I can put a GeForce GTX 590 in my workstation, which doubles as my gaming machine, and not hear it. It’s quiet enough to use. And that’s a requisite.,2898-19.html

    From Hardware Canucks:
    "The GTX 590’s real accomplishment is the feeling of refinement that it exudes. Unlike the HD 6990, its VRMs don’t squeal like a scared piglet and fan noise is kept to an absolute minimum. The fact that its svelte 11” length will fit into a wide variety of cases should also make it in vastly more appealing than the behemoth AMD is currently saddled with."

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