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Hello there, a brief history:
I installed a wireless router Buffalo Airstation WHR-HP-G54 and set it up on my desktop computer just using all the defaults and the AOSS automatic detection facility. I then used AOSS to pick up my Toshiba netbook (running Windows 7) and this worked fine too. My wife then used the netbook at her family's place in Japan. Since she brought it home to UK, it asks for a security key when trying to connect to the internet. It can see the wireless router as available but requires the key. I've tried resending the AOSS from the router and reset the router to factory settings, but get the same thing. I've used the desktop to access the router configuration but I cannot view a security key anywhere. As I said, I never set up any security, I just used the AOSS. Any assistance very gratefully received
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  1. Are you sure you are connecting to your router's wireless? Remove any saved wireless networks on the laptop, and try to reconnect to your router.
  2. fixed it! reset wireless router to factory settings, reconnected to desktop using AOSS software - this gave a new encryption key. keyed it in on the netbook when it asked for security key and this time both systems stayed connected to wireless router. it has now stopped asking for the security key. still not sure what the problem was or why this fixed it though!
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