ATI Radeon 6850 and 5770 Power supply requirement??

my sysytem build:
AMD Phenom ii X4 965BE
motherboard ASUS M4A78LT-M LE
1TB SATA Hard disk
DVD Writer
and my PSU is power supply ATX_550W..i want to know will the HD6850 or HD 5770 run on the PSU???
here is the link of my PSU spec. :
thank you in advance
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  1. That PSU looks very weak.It might be able to run a 5770 but i wouldn't put a 6850 on it.
    If i was you i would get a new PSU.
  2. hmmm tht will total cost me 14k INR huh....already my dad refused to pay for the card
  3. Wait and see what some other people say about it.
    I'm just saying i wouldn't trust it if it was my card.
  4. Not only will you want at least 600W to be safe, but never, NEVER, get a PSU from a no-name manufacturer unless you want the whole rig to go. The best manufacturers are Antec and Corsair, I'd stick with them.
  5. And Seasonic
  6. suppose if ever i like to go crossfire with HD6850 nd i increase RAM by 4GB(4+4=8gb) then what would be the total power supply requirement???
    then i'll plan to buy new PSU according to future....
  7. or suppose i run HD6850 on my current PSU for few months and then buy a new PSU...will it be safe???or it will get blown up???
    or else i will buy a HD5770 nd run on my current psu...will it be safe??then no need to buy new one...
    i know HD6850 is better than HD5770 gaming wise...just really dont wan't to spend much..m confused
  8. it does not depend on how many wattages does you PSU produce, but more importantly how many amps on a 12V rail..... 30+ amps is enough.
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