Please help me find a graphics card

I am looking for some assistance in purchasing a new graphics card for my girlfriends computer. She has a HP Pavilion A7620Y Desktop. A link to the computer and its specs is

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: I am looking to purchase this as soon as I figure out what to buy. I would like to order it this weekend or next week. I am willing to wait up to a month if something is going to hit soon or a sale is going to take place.

BUDGET RANGE: My goal is to keep the budget under $100.00. I can go a little higher if it would be a significant improvement.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: This computer is used as a home computer mainly for surfing the Internet, storing her digital pictures, in the near future Photoshop, and gaming for me. The games I play are strategy type games for example, sins of a solar empire, galactic civilizations 2, and civilization 5. I also jump into WOW at times. I am hoping to give RIFT a try with the upgrade but understand that I will not be running it at high settings.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: The computer currently has an Geforce 9100 integrated chip on the motherboard. The power supply is currently 300 watts. After doing some reading I am looking to upgrade it with a Corsair 430 watt psu from newegg found here

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: The computer has a one PCI Express x 16 slot. This slot is open. The CPU is AMD Phenom X4 9550. It has 6 GB of ram. The case is a Mid Size ATX. It is currently Windows Vista. I am looking to upgrade it to Windows 7 in the future. It only has the cooling it came with. I link to the exact specs is:

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I buy most of my parts from Newegg

PARTS PREFERENCES: no preference



MONITOR RESOLUTION: Currently run 1680x1050 on an Acer X223W

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I have always used Nvidia cards in the past. I do not have experience with Radeon cards but I am willing to if I can get more bang for my buck. I would prefer not to change the power supply unless it is absolutely necessary. My reason for this is to keep the budget low. I do not expect this to be a gaming rig, only to handle some light gaming. I hope to replace it in a year or so with a machine with much more power so just need something to get us through the next year or so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any assistance you are willing to provide.
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  1. Looking for some experienced help. I am trying to decide what the best bang for my buck card I could get for this machine. I can even move my budget up to around $150.00 if that will help.

    I have been looking at the Radeon 5670 and 5770. I am also looking at the geforce 400 series cards. What is my best bet?
  2. you may look at this Tom's Hardware article. it will narrow your choices considerably.,2879.html
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