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MSI Z77A G45 update fail

I have an MSI Z77A G45 motherboard from a new build (first build). I've tried to update the BIOS but it just goes to a black screen and I have to reset it. I'm not sure if I need an update or if there's one available. Thanks.
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    Why do you need to update bios? There is no need to update bios of your new mobo. It is a potential risk and can do error in bios.

    Actually Z77 support all Ivy bridge cpu perfectly. Older z68 mobo need to update bios to support new IB cpu. If processor is running well in a mobo, then there is no bios update is needed.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I figured updating was something I had to do. I won't worry about it. Thanks! :-)
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  4. there been a few bios updates one was to update the bios cpu id it could run the newer cpu.
    if you can get into the bios screen see if msi has a dos bios flash by hitting one of the f keys.gigbyte has this..on newer asus mb they have a flash back upb port.
    you may have to call msi and see if there a set of keys you can hold down at boot that would make the mb read a usb flash drive. (bios recovery.)
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