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Need help choosing a board i5-2500k

Hey guys I am building my first PC and am undecided in the motherboard. Originally I wanted a 3570k and a $140 asrock z77 but I was a bit over budget. Instead I will opt for a 2500k and hopefully a board around 100$ if I can. Is it true that I need a z77 for IB processor? I looking to get a gtx 570 if I can fit it into my budget. Also do only certain boards support 1600mhz RAM? I will never SLI if that matters which options I can eliminate, I will obviously also do some light OCing. If you guys could suggest some boards that fulfill all of my requirements for around $100 that would be great( I need a z68, right?). Thanks in advance.
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    if you have a mico center near you or can order and have them ship there having combo deals on there ib cpu and mb.
    intel said the x68 chipset should work for ib with a bios flash. i would look on vendor web page to see that there is one.
    the only tip is be care full with you try to hit that cheap price point your going to get into those micro atx mb that dont have a lot of features. also the brand you buy...there support and the doa rate...there are good cheap boards like ecs and bios star..if they work they work fine..most people here staty with msi/asus/giga for there boards. one thing you can do now with ib system is use both onboard with your older card till you get a newer video card..i would wait for the 660ti
    there going to be faster then the 570 and less money and use less power. when they do come out in a few months
    amd going to have to price shift a few of there cards so you may be able to get there 7000 line card at a good price too.
  2. Well I need a computer now. Laptop is broken I've been researching/posting on my phone trying to get info on what to build. If I had the option to wait a few months for newer cards I would :(
  3. Matt1990 said:
    Is it true that I need a z77 for IB processor?

    Yes and No, you can use that gens boards for ivy bridge, H77, Z75, B75

    you can also use z68 ONLY IF the bios is updated. and to update a bios, you need a sandy bridge psu to process the computer through the flashing, if you have access to a sandy bridge, you can use it to flash, but you cannot use an ivy bridge to flash a z68, since it cannot read the ivy bridge just yet.
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