Which Motherboard with GNU/Linux distro on board?

There is a motherboard maker which has a GNU/Linux distribution on the motherboard, so that no other storage is needed to boot and run it. Which maker is it? In is either Gigabyte or MicroStar International.
I remember there is a web site for the distribution as well.
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  1. It turns out it is MSI which I was trying to rediscover. They also supported CoreBoot development. All good signs for Linux compatibility and friendliness. They call it Winki.

    I expect I will usually use my own installed distribution usually, but I like having an option to fall back to in a pinch; such as if my disk dies. When I want to upgrade, maybe it will be nice again to use Winki to put the motherboard to other use and bring the storage to my new machine -- some distant year.
  2. Or you could boot off a usb stick or live cd.
  3. Sounds like a gimmick to me. A $10 USB stick can do the same thing with any computer.
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