Pc cannot play any game

Hello, am new here.

Here's the problem that i encountered. Whenever i tried to play any pc games my desktop will freeze and i have to do a force shut down by switching the power off.

Here are my desktop specs :

Operating System :Windows XP 32bit Service Pack 3
Processor :Intel Pentium 4 524 @ 3066MHz

Physical Memory :1280MB

Video Card :NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500
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  1. Last time that happened to me, my video card was dying.

    Additionally, it might be due to heat as a result of...

    1. Dust
    2. Deteriorating thermal paste between the CPU and heat sink
    3. Deteriorating thermal paste between the video chip and heat sink

    The CPU might be failing as well.
  2. What games does this "any" include? Because those specs are quite old, I doubt any modern game could run with those specs.
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