I5 2500k what should my temps be?

Just put together a i5 2500k with AsRock Z68 extreme3 gen3 mb, 8 gigs mem, that Hyper 212 cpu fan/cooler.

My case has a top exhaust fan. 1 in back, and 1 in the front. ATM both sides are open becuase i havent tied the wires down yet from running them, ( just got win 7 installed today) . Anyway i installed Rift but everything on ultra settings. was getting around 25 fps in combat and in the city, But this cpu temp apt i downloaded ( i thought the AsRock wasnt working beacuse the temps.) shows my all 4 cpu running around a avg. of 82, to 92deg F. and i got spikes up to 104 while playin rift on ultra . And that was with no cpu going over 10% workload .

Does that sound right and i am over reacting ? dont want to burn up my cpu. Since i over spent on a upgrade and ended up building a whole comp lol.

The paste that came with the hyper i put in on there and used the plastic case the cpu come in to spread it out in to the void area around the heat pipes. i used all ove it thou, so maybe to much ? or to soon to tell , and should i order a better brand ?

Anway thanks all for the help i have been getting lately dang good site. I want this build to last me about another 5 yrs so any info is greatly apreciated.
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  1. If you used all the Thermal paste than you used way too much, and the paste is actually action as a shield, preventing the heat from passing from the cpu to the heatsink.

    Get a tube of arcitc silver, and a set of artic clean, clean up the mess using arctic clean and coffee filters, then reapply *sparingly*
  2. 92F or Celsius? Even some people are comfortable in 92 degrees Fahrenheit. 92c is another matter, If it's 92F consider it running cool. 33c seems a bit cool when playing games however.
  3. It is 92F with spikes up to 102F. but it mostly always hover around 88 to 91F untill i start playing my game then i get the spikes across all 4 of them .
  4. Will do Abekl , thanks.
  5. 92c is plenty cool for that chip, nothing to worry about.
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