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When I boot my system after BIOS passed screen shows wallpaper ?
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  1. And nothing else?
    Try pressing ALT + CTRL + DEL and get the Taskmanager to open up.
    Check to see if Explorer.exe is running. If not, click on new task and type explorer.exe in the box.
    Your desktop will hopefully show up.
    This means either that the rig is infected with a virus or something of the sort OR then the Windows files are getting corrupt.
    You need to run sfc /scannow with administrator privileges at command prompt to get windows to repair itself.
  2. Well you not get it my system is fine it's happens after BIOS Passed and before windows starting it's in middle state
  3. Well, then it shouldn't be a problem. Sometimes texture and backgrounds stick in the video memory of the video card since they don't get flushed that often.
    It's just a glitch, you needn't worry about it that much then.
    Just make sure that you don't start getting corrupt backgrounds and animations, 'cos that is a sign of failing video ram. Of course sometimes it starts with the background becoming sticky , like in your case.
  4. Thanks wallpaper looks fine but i dont want it is there anyway to remove it ?
  5. You could TRY installing and running a game on the rig that will push everything out of the vram. That will also tell you if the card or onboard video is fine and fully functional.
    Suggestion would be to try a game that is compatible with the card and not something way beyond it's capacity.
  6. Everything is fine all games are like in past days
  7. Did you happen to use a theme customizing program before this, or try to change the login screens or something like that?
  8. Well nothing just one software to welcome boot screen by asus i tried it but it failed to upload pop up but it's uploaded i wanted back my screen
  9. yeah, I know that software, it's with the Asus Update utility right for updating the BIOS or the MySplash Boot Screen or MyLogo or something like that..
    I think there is a way back to go to the default screen, you might need to go thru the instructions in the guide or manual.
  10. Yes you got it but there's no way to turn it back ?
  11. I think it can be disabled in the BIOS.
  12. Ok How ?
  13. What is the model of the mobo?
  14. p8h61 mlx
  15. Get into the EFI Bios at startup
    Go to the Boot Tab
    Under that tab Disable Full Screen Logo
    That is for My Logo.
    Save Exit and reboot.
  16. It worked but my bios screen is now old school ?
  17. So let's get this right.

    You've removed the mylogo from the uefi and it's reset the bios to the old school setup Phoenixawards style setup?

    Have you tried resetting the CMOS?
  18. My BIOS entering screen is old style if i disable FS Logo
    It's 4001 BIOS American Megatrends Inc. 04/20/2012
  19. Lol. Sorry, I didn't know that the EFI might get disabled. Check in the Old school BIOS and see if you can enable the EFI BIOS.
    A minor Side effect . But it's only cosmetic.
  20. BIOS is in UEFI MODE but after Disabled FS Logo BIOS entering screen [ Press Del/F1/F2 ] goes old style not the BIOS
  21. try reseting the CMOS.
  22. Yes, the CMOS clearing will go it.

    Can u reset the BIOS?
    Reset the CMOS memory the right way as is described in the motherboard manual using the clear CMOS link with the power cord unplugged.
    How To Clear CMOS @
  23. Thanks Everyone for helping me :)
  24. So, did u removed it?
  25. It's gone by FS SCREEN ON and OFF
  26. Well, did you get the EFI Bios screen back?
  27. Yeah but not sure cause it not shows BIOS SCRREN
  28. Meaning? Ooooows 'to much powar' for my lil brain to compute man, please be a little more descriptive .
  29. BIOS LOGIN SCREEN [ F1/F2/DEL ] not pop up when system's on
  30. Aha!! You mean it's not asking you for a BIOS password to login into the BIOS anymore? that's because you cleared the BIOS, all you need to do is enable the security levels that were on before this too and then you'll get the BIOS login screen.
  31. i mean everything is fine but only bios login screen not shows when system starts like press required key to enter in bios it's not for password
  32. Aha.... ok.
    Then you need to get into the BIOS and change the Time that you require for those "Press..... to XYZ" on the screen at startup.
    The option is available in the BIOS it's like 0 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec 15 sec. I think those are the only options available.
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