Upgrade? or Scrap?

Hey guys! I'm a new member, been reading/browsing the site for a bit and am very impressed with all the knowledge here. So i though what better place to ask a few questions.

So my current (dell dimension 9200) computers been running a bit slow lately and I also want to make sure my system will be up to par in a few months when skyrim/diablo 3 come out. I would like to be able to run both of these quite smoothly on medium to high settings if possible.

my current specs are:

Processor: Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU @ 2.40GHz

Ram: 2GB (not sure what kind, it was a pre-made dell)

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

Mobo: Dell DXP061

Storage: Not sure, 500gb total tho. ST3500630AS is what it says

Disk Drive : PBDS DVD +- RW DH-16W1S

375 Watt DC Power Supply
Heat dissipation: 1280 BTU/hr
Voltage: 90 to 135 V and 180 to 265 V at 50/60 Hz
Backup battery: 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell
(thats standard Dimension 9200 power supply from the site.)

Now Ive also Heard that dells can be difficulty when upgrading.. u know.. cause its a dell.

So lemme have it, do i need to scrap it and start over? or can i salvage this machine?
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    Hi there! Welcome to the forums.

    Sadly, I bring grim news.

    -The system is outdated. I mean, very. The thing is, you would have to upgrade the ENTIRE thing, meaning it would probably be cheaper to start from scratch.
    -Skyrim looks to be a demanding game, meaning you will need some serious horsepower.

    So yeah, I would start fresh. We can help you price a new system if you would fill this form please:

    Try and sell off the system to someone. It's probably worth around $100-150.

    Get back to me on the form and I'll help you out.
  2. Thanks alot! Was pretty sure it would come to this haha.

    Another question i forgot.
    I dont necessarily need the computer ASAP, and could wait till september/october to get it together.

    Im wondering if its worth waiting to see if prices drop or new hardware would be available?

    Also, thanks for the form, workin on it.
  3. Well it all depends. They way tech goes, it's constantly a battle of wait or buy now haha. If you want a fast computer now, get it. If you want a slightly faster computer then, wait. It's up to you.
  4. KK, prob just wait it out I guess. Save up a bit more $$ too in the mean time :sol:
  5. Thanks for the help btw!
  6. Oh no problem man. Be sure to come back when you need help!
  7. Hilbz what are your requirements? I mean what are you trying to do, game / video / internet browse? This will push what purchasing decisions you need to make and thus what options you have at your disposal.

    That is an older system but its still very functional. We don't "upgrade' for the sake of upgrading but because our current system can not meet the needs we have developed. Its sounding like windows is starting to get slow, which is known to happen over time if the system isn't maintained.

    You list 2GB of member, that right there is your biggest single problem. Are you still running XP? Both Visa and Windows 7 demand more memory then XP and 2GB isn't going to cut it. Upgrade it to 4GB minimum, and if you have Win 7 x64 then you should look into going to a possible 8GB. Memory is really cheap, you can get a 4GB upgrade for $40 USD. This will breath new life into your system and let you continue to do whatever it is you used to do.

    Now if you want to play high end newer games (and it sounds like that), then you need a serious rebuild. Almost nothing there is worth saving, especially since its a dell and the case usually isn't standardized. Either buy a prebuilt gaming rig (they can be expensive) or build your own if you've got access to a local computer guy. Pay him in beer / pizza.

    Do you have a need for a secondary system? Throw 4GB of memory into it and reformat / reinstall Win 7 Home and that would make a good low-end PC for the wife / kid / dog.
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  9. So one additional question for my current set-up.

    Could i take the following items from ym current system and use them again?

    CD/DVD drive
    Power Supply
    Hard drive (this one im 90% sure ill need a better one, but if i can save the $$ why not)

    Also, I already have a windows vista dvd for reinstallign windows on my current system. Can i use that to install windows on my next system or do i have to resort to buying windows 7? Im not too keen on shelling out an additional 120$ for a new one.
  10. Yes you could,
    Psu is unlikely to be of any real value (Read:P.oS.) and not up to powering your new build
    No reason not to try the hard drive and optical drive though,
    No need to buy a new O/s either,
    you may have to re-install vista on the new build, maybe just reactivate it though,
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