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Hi i am building a computer i have 500-580 to spend on it,I want it for gaming,eg minecraft,black ops and able to record and play at the same time any advice?
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  1. What resolution do you plan to play on or are playing on?
  2. mgf derp said:
    What resolution do you plan to play on or are playing on?

    around full hd on a 30inch monitor (already owned) (1920by1080)
  3. Intel Core i3 2100- $125
    Gigabyte H67 motherboard- $90
    Adata DDR3 1333mhz 4Gb(2x2Gb) ram- $42
    Westren Digital Caviar Blue 500Gb HDD- $44
    Rosewill Challenger Case- $50
    Optical Drive- $20
    Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 gpu- $110
    Antec Earthwatts Green A-380D 380w psu- $40
    Total= $521 Combo the i3 2100 with Win 7 Pro 64 bit and Total= $635
    Hopefully the 5830's come back in stock soon as they just went out.
    If this is to expensive let me know.
  4. i like the i3 not sure about gpu i realy like nvidia. bit expensive but seems smart:)
  5. but on second thoughts the saphire lokks real good for the price pity its outa stock need to order in the next 5 or so days.
    Found the i3 2100 and Gigabyte mobo combod together, saves you $15 but you lose saving $25 on Win 7. You could get a Evga GTS 450 combod with Win 7 Pro 64bit but your going to lose performance over the HD 5830
    how about this will it works tempted to spend more.
  8. I would go with this HD 5770 if that is the card you are considering as it has better cooling imho
  9. awwk hmm may order this today....
  10. more power with the other option though maybe add some cash to cooling it down?
  11. milkshakez7z said:
    more power with the other option though maybe add some cash to cooling it down?

    The Vapor X model I suggested is clocked at 860mhz core versus 850mhz core of the Flex version you recommended. If that is what your saying about power?
  12. 256bit vs 128bit thats what my brother is saying over my shoulder lol.
  13. All 5770's are 128bit memory bus.
    The only other consideration I could give you is that you could get a GTX 460 768Mb for $120 from Evga Backstock The Backstock cards come with 90 day warrentys versus the 3+ years a retail card comes with but you save money. I have two Backstock GTX 460's a 1Gb and a 768Mb and both are currently overclocked and running healthy as horses. Just a thought.
  14. just laughed AT my smart ass little bro,hmm this seems good thanks for your help,waht kind of games can you acomplish on your setup?
  15. With the GTX 460 768Mb? I have a Athlon II x3 435 so it is weaker then the i3 2100 but I play Brink, Bad Company 2, Left For Dead 2, etc at max settings but at 1280x1024 resolution. For what kind of performance you can expect check these performance guides. The Witcher 2 @ 1900x1080 Brink @ 1900x1080 Crysis 2 @ 1900x1080 Call of Duty Black Ops @ 1900x1080
  16. WOW NOT BAD.
  17. so this is compatible with current setup can i do sli/crossfire to increase performance on the same mobo or doesnt it support it? hmm maybe go for a EVGA GeForce GT 240
    1024MB Memory
    PCI-E 2.0 x16
    550Mhz GPU Clock Speed
    1580Mhz Memory Clock Speed
    dont know if it supports sli/crossfire. will google.
  18. Yeah the GTX 460 are nice cards and they overclock pretty high and very easy for even more performance. Just use MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision and set the core to around 840mhz and see the performance go up.
  19. my little bro wants to know if i can overclock an nvidia geforce gt320 cuda 1gb. he can play most game, is it worth overclocking that card? is it any good?
  20. The 300 series are OEM cards so I dont know. He should try downloading MSI Afterburner and see if the program recognizes his card, if so I say go for it. Should be able to overclock it at least 50mhz on the core. But check this guide out and follow its directions and you should get it to work if it recognizes the card.
  21. thanks your an awseome person:)
  22. Best answer
    Ha I just try and be helpful. And if you go for this build I wish good luck to you. Also if you have any more questions just post them here and I will try and answer them.
  23. it detects his card and he is adjusting it gently he cant change the fan speed though.
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  25. milkshakez7z said:
    it detects his card and he is adjusting it gently he cant change the fan speed though.

    Glad to hear that he gets to experiment with overclocking. Watch out thou as it be comes addictive xD. Can he add a fan on the side panel of his case near his graphics card? As this will add fresh cooler air to the card and help keep it cool since he cant adjust the fan.
  26. hmm i suggested leaving it till we grab a another fan but he gave me an evil look ...
  27. Told you it gets addictive xD
  28. i said itll burn your comp and he stopped lol. he is now playin minecraft at 200+fps on far and fancy graphics most people caant even get close:)
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