Can I use my tower dvd deck to upgrade W7 in my netbook

And how ?
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  1. No. You'll need to borrow or purchase someone elses external DVD drive and connect it via the netbook's USB port. Before doing that, though, are you sure your netbook supports Windows 7?

    -Wolf sends
  2. It is Samsung year old N210 Plus with original W7 Starter on it. Upgraded memory to 2G. Have disc with 7 H Premium 64 with 3 licenses.
    If I may ask, why can I not do that through USB cable ?
  3. To be honest, I didn't know things like this existed:

    Vantec SATA to USB Adapter
    Apparently, you can use a standard DVD-ROM drive connected via a USB cable. The adapter provides the power for it.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Thank you Wolfshadow,
    Do not know what this device is for, sorry. I want to use my HP tower DVD drive connected by USB cable to my netbook to upgrade my netbook W7 Starter to W7 Home Premium. Another words I want to avoid buying a DVD player just to upgrade Windows.
  5. As your tower sits right now, the SATA or IDE port on the back of the DVD drive is connected to your tower's motherboard. To my knowledge, your tower is the only system it can talk to. There is no way to just plug in a USB cable between your tower and netbook and have your DVD drive talk to your netbook. What you need to do is change the SATA or IDE data connection from your tower to your netbook.

    The Vantec SATA to USB Adapter connects to the power and SATA/IDE ports of the DVD drive in your tower (you'll have to disconnect it if not uninstall it from the tower) and then via USB to your netbook.

    1) Shut down your tower and unplug it.
    2) Remove the case cover.
    3) Find and remove the power and data connection ports from the rear of the DVD drive
    4) Connect the power and data connection cables from the Vantec SATA to USB adapter to the rear of the DVD drive.
    5) Connect the USB side of the adapter to your Netbook.
    6) Plug in the power cord to a wall socket.
    7) Power up your netbook.

    Your Netbook should now have an available DVD drive for you to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium.

    -Wolf sends
  6. Thank you very much now understand it, I will probably not follow this rout, because I can buy portable DVD for that amount.
    Could I download win7 premium to flash drive and then install it to my netbook ?
    After all, win7 premium is only 3.01 G.
  7. Only if your netbook allows you to boot from the flash drive. You'll need to check the specifications of the netbook to find out.

    -Wolf sends
  8. what wording should I seek ?
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    Start Here:

    and the associated link for XP (which should be close enough to any windows OS that you already have).

    -Wolf sends

    Strike that. Try this for making your USB Flash Drive into a bootable Windows 7 drive.

    As for whether or not you can boot from a USB drive, shutdown your system and then restart it. You should see a message early during the boot process that states something along the lines of, "Press F2 to enter Setup". What key it actually is, I don't know, but it should be either F2, Del, Ins, something. This will bring you into your BIOS screen. Somewhere in your BIOS screen you should see an option of Boot Order. If USB is listed there, you can boot from it. Since the system does not natively have an optical disk, I would imaging that it should be there. When you're ready to install the Windows 7 from the USB flash drive, go back into BIOS and change the boot order so USB is first.

    -Wolf sends
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