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Hi all,

I'm having trouble upgrading my machine from a PentiumD 925 to a PentiumD 945.

The chip goes in fine but 99 times out of a 100, the CPU fan starts and then stops and then I get a red message on the screen along the lines of:

"CPU fan failed. The machine will shut down to avoid CPU damage."

The fan itself is fine, if I put the old chip back in it works as normal.

I've seen advice on forums elsewhere about setting the fan/temperature tolerances but I don't seem to have any settings like that in my BIOS.

Presumably the problem is with the heatsink and fan. I noticed that the heatsink got hotter and hotter until eventually the machine would power down as soon as I turned it on.

Is it worth trying to get a better heatsink and fan or am I wasting my time? The chip came with a heatsink and fan but this doesn't fit my motherboard - it is a clip in one whereas my existing one screws in.

Any advice folks?
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  1. I have seen HP mobos that use the screw fitting heatsink mounts. It is like a plastic X stuck on to the back of the mobo around CPU socket.

    Yes, it seems you are overheating the CPU because the H/S and Fan are not up to scratch for that CPU.

    Use the one that came with it. You can simply prise the screw hole adaptor off the back of the motherboard, it is only stuck on with tape.

    Obviously be very careful, but it does take some force to peel it off. This will leave the 4 mounting holes clear for the clips to fit into (at least thats is how my HP mobo was it was also a LGA775 board).

    I hope this is helpful, cheers.
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