Windows running normally but I can't install any other operating system

I've recently bought a new CPU with motherboard Gigabyte With Dual UEFI boot . When I bought the CPU , the one I bought from installed windows 7 for me . Now I wanted to install windows 8 , when I try installing in EFI boot ( as it started by default ) . The windows said it couldn't be installed on EFI system on a harddist with MBR partition . so I modified the boot to be normal ( not EFI ) but then the windows showed the blue screen which says something went wrong . I tried installing Ubuntu , from EFI , it starts as usual but then gives me a black screen with some checking for stuff that remains going forever . From non-EFI it doesn't start at all :( . I even tried to install windows XP but since it doesn't have EFI at all so it starts at normal mode by default and gives me the blue screen :( .
Is that a problem with my hardware ?? Knowing that windows 7 is working perfectly and it never gave me that blue screen .

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  1. since you have replaced the CPU reset the CMOS, then try to install some os (wait for windows 8 when its a release client)
  2. Where are you trying to install it to? I would be placing it on it's own HDD.
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